A Guide To Pairing Your Handbag Style With Your Body Shape

A Guide To Pairing Your Handbag Style With Your Body Shape

It’s a beautiful fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. You might already know what dress type flatters your body type best or what eyewear style suits your face shape, but do you know what handbag styles compliments your body shape? When it comes to handbags one size might fit all but does one shape fit all? Oprah.com says accessories should be size appropriate to match your frame. The key to looking fabulous is to balance out your features. Here are Luxe Crush’s recommendations for each body type.


If you are a petite woman, you don’t want a bag that overwhelms your small frame. In the same way a floor length gown might not be your best option, a bag with a long strap or fringe might overpower your figure. Instead, keep it simple and opt for a cross body or top handle bag. 

Tall & Skinny

Opposites attract so if your physique is that of a super model you want your bag to be the reverse. Oversized or round shaped bags will help counterbalance your look.


If your body is shaped like an hourglass, a bag with straight lines will compliment your figure. We recommend a north/south bag for short and curvy women. Conversely an east/west bag would suit tall and curvy women.

Pear Shaped

When you carry your weight around your hips you don’t want to emphasize them by wearing a hip length bag. Try drawing attention upwards with a short shoulder bag that doesn’t hang past your waist.

Above all if a bag makes you happy then go for it! Regardless of your body shape, make sure to flaunt your bag with style and confidence!


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